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Anam Husain is a Delhi based design studio that makes one of a kind wearable art for conscious buyers using crafts of India. Our mission is to innovate design and bring necessary interventions in the age-old crafts to make it reach the sub-urban markets, creating a prideful need by making Indian handicraft “cool” and as a by-product provide livelihood to as many artisans and reaching as many craft clusters as possible.

We are aware that the conscious customer today is unable to find one-of-a- kind, innovative, eco-friendly, craft inclusive art products in India that tell a story- ours is that it takes many days and sometimes even months to make the unique artworks by hand that form our brand's DNA. These artworks can never be recreated the same again.

We are guided by a deep social and environmental conscience, and we make business decisions that prioritize people and the planet. We're tremendously proud of the progress we've made toward sustainability (it's a journey, not a destination), and we will continue to make changes that lead to positive environmental impact. As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, 100% of our raw materials are recycled, handmade, organic or certified natural that we source directly from the weaving and artisan clusters. We carefully work to minimise waste and energy usage in our design and production process. When we do have excess, liability fabric, we repurpose it in the form of garment tags or recycle it into paper to divert textile waste from landfills. In our Environment Impact Scorecard for year 2022-2023 by J-PAL we avoided approximately 1098 kg CO2 emissions.

We craft timeless, long-lasting garments that exist outside of trend cycles, and every collection is cut-to-order, with little to no excess inventory at the end of each season. Indian handi-crafts need sustenance to not go extinct or dilute into cheaper alternatives- thus we take it as our core responsibility to innovate with empathy and create with attention.

We prioritize fair treatment of workers and artisans within our supply chain. Our traceability is 100% at our design studio, and we’re committed to providing complete lifecycle visibility – from seed and farm, to spinners and weavers, to dyers and printers, to the cutting table and ultimately to you.

Patina refers to the process of metal corrosion that forms various colors on its surface. This design collection is my attempt at bringing the beauty of Patina with the juxtaposition of the vintage and weathered with the new and pure.